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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Videogames are evil!

Many of you may be wondering where I have been lately. Well, the answer can be summed up in one name: Half-Life.

I dowloaded this old Dreamcast game from a p2p network and have been playing it ever since. Right now, I am trying to make it to the surface, while not being detected by the military - crawling through the industrial part of the complex. If you know this game(it was also out for the PC), then you know it's addictive powers, and you know just how intense it can be. It's got a great story line: Basically you are John(I think it's john)Freeman, a scientist who was conducting an experiment deep in the heart of a scientific complex, when something goes wrong. The machinery you are working with opens up a dimensional hole(I think) which allows aliens to cross over into our realm(I think it gets it's inspiration from Buckaroo Banzai). So, they do, and they cause alot of havock. And, you Freeman, must make it to the surface to get help, etc. You meet scientists who have survived along the way, and they fill you in. You also meet guards who'll do the same.

Once you make it to a certain point, the military lock down the complex and begin killing everything and everybody still alive. So, now you're fighting both the aliens and the military. Very fucking tough, and intense! That's my story. That's where I 've been...and at the studio;-)

Fucking game is crack!!!!!