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Thursday, June 09, 2005

Musician Sighting

I was walking to my studio one night, and I saw this guy playing his trumpet in the dark on the bridge . He stopped as I got closer. Needless to say, I was curious. So, when I got near, the barrage of questions began. It turns out he was practicing there because his neighbors, and family couldn't deal with the noise. I found some other things out, too: He had been studying for 5 years. And he would like to play the trumpet(improvised) accompanying a slide show. After satisfying my curiosity, I asked him to play something for me, and he did. It wasn't bad. It was clear, too, that he was nervous. But, gracious enough this chap was, he blessed me with one of his tunes. It was an original...I didn't get his name. Now, that's a shame. As if I hadn't put this guy through enough, I then asked him to pose for the camera. And, he did(obviously). I haven't seen him since. Probably found somewhere else where lunatics like me won't bother him.