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Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Who Says We're Cheap?

According to a story in today's St. Pete Times, the Tampa/St.Pete metro area is the most expensive metro area in the country in terms of housing/transportation costs as a percentage of income. Here, allow them to explain:

"An average of 57.7 percent of household expenditures here goes toward housing and transportation, the study says. That leaves less for things like retirement savings, health care and college funds. Miami area households came in next, spending 57.5 percent. San Diego households came in No. 3, Atlanta No. 4. Pittsburgh households, the study says, spend least on transportation and housing: 45.8 percent."

Great, now I can't even talk about how it's fantastic to live here because it's so inexpensive. What's left now that we've hit 90 degrees indefinitely?

Ah, isn't summer great?