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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

XM anyone? How about on your desktop?!

For those who already pay for XM service; you can listen to it while on your computer! I don't personally have XM service but I damn sure love listening to it for free! Hopefully they won't ever put a restriction as to how many times a single user can be logged in.

I happen to know someone who knows my sisters' best friend, who is married to his 3rd cousin...who also didn't mind sharing her with her brother's cousin in law (the same girl; mind you). But that's not important right now. What is, is that he gave me his login and password to use XaMp Desktop in which I am now enjoying XM while I "work"...or lack there of. Now is your chance to find that special "someone" you know, even if that someone is a few branches across the family tree, and pardner up with some XM sharing.*

*Dr. Bong nor his affiliates of joebarde.blogspot.com recommend nor promote the illegal sharing of XM radio.

Friday's Phish Fry, here I come!

XaMp Desktop!