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Thursday, July 28, 2005


Unprecedented comfort - unlike thongs, Backless Lingerie doesn't ride, wedge or shift. Their soft straps sit snugly below your buttocks, enabling complete freedom. Show your best side at its best - in total comfort.

Side Note: I googled buttocks to be
sure I was spelling it right.
Pathetic, I know. But, it's
funny to see it has a huge,
in your face link to over 3000
images of buttocks. Funny
because searching for many other
things such as books, Britney
Spears, TV's and so on doesn't
produce the same effect. The
only other word I could find
in 30 seconds of intense searching
was picture. Google has a dirty

Side Note Update: Even
more strange is that if you click
on the link above, it does not
show the link to 3000 images. It
only works if you type it in
yourself. Crotchety old man.