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Thursday, July 28, 2005

My Thursday In Hell - Part 2

I did some more trolling on the Boy Scout story and found this Washington Post story that explains that the scouts were in fact waiting for the President, who ended up being a no-show. My favorite quote from the story:

Soldiers carried Scouts on stretchers to the base hospital, located about three miles from the arena stage. Others were airlifted from the event while Jamboree officials called for emergency help from surrounding areas to transport Scouts during the storm, which brought high winds and lightning.

Just try to picture it in your head. Now try to picture yourself the proud parent of a scout. Funny shit. Oh, and hail to the chief and all.

Also, no fucking couch! I went to Sticks & Stuff, a local furniture wholesaler, with Mrs. Beaumire (Thanks again!), and we spent 40 minutes picking one out. After I had selected a nice Bloomingdale's model for $300, I went to the front to pay. The man behind the counter could not get the card reader to pick up my card, with the machine finally declaring it "Invalid." Bullshit I said, and demanded he run it again (not nearly as aggressively as that sounds). He did. Still invalid. I considered that an omen, and walked out without buying anything.

A quick call to Bank Of America confirmed that they had no record of Sticks & Stuff ever trying to hit my card. Shocker. It seems the man at the register had no idea how to use the card reader. And for that, they lost a $321 total sale. Nice work, guys.

Par for the course for me, though. Still no couch. What a surprise.