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Sunday, September 11, 2005

Google building it's own internet?

A while ago, I heard a report on the radio show On The Media about Google buying up so called "Dark" fiber-optic cable which has been sitting around unused underground and unconnected. From what I heard, Google may be buying this cable up to build it's own internet, free for users. Here's what I found online:

" Possessing such a thing could allow Google to offer internet access in the form of free wifi or other means and create a powerful captive marketing audience which Google could monopolize.

Outside of these marketing opportunities, such a development in infrastructure could help reduce Google's long-term content delivery costs were it to take on more bandwidth-intensive activities in the future."

-From slashdot.org

News on this from another source:

"For the past year, it has quietly been shopping for miles and miles of "dark," or unused, fiber-optic cable across the country from wholesalers such as New York’s AboveNet. It's also acquiring superfast connections from Cogent Communications and WilTel, among others, between East Coast cities including Atlanta, Miami, and New York.

Such large-scale purchases are unprecedented for an Internet company, but Google's timing is impeccable. The rash of telecom bankruptcies has freed up a ton of bargain-priced capacity, which Google needs as it prepares to unleash a flood of new, bandwidth-hungry applications. These offerings could include everything from a digital-video database to on-demand television programming."

-From Business 2.0