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Friday, September 02, 2005

More thoughts.

The more I watch and think of this whole situation, the angrier I am getting. This whole thing seems to boil down generally to two things: improper levees around NO and Iraq. If the Levees were adequate for a CAT 5 storm - which they've known for decades was going to happen at some point there - all of this would not be happening.

And to the bigger problem - Iraq. While hearing about people waiting hours in that area for gas, not to mention all the people without water, I was thinking to myself - where are the military tankers with gas and water? They have huge trucks that can carry tons of fuel. Why aren't these things all over the place down there? They have huge trucks that can carry tons of water and can move through harsh conditions - where are these? They're all in Iraq. I'm sure we have a relative handful here somewhere in the country (most likely Washington and NY) but not nearly enough.

It's not a lack of troops that are missing. If water were somehow provided originally, that would have lessened what is currently going on. If food were provided also, I don't think much of this would be going on at all. Especially if basic medicine were thrown in. These are all things our military is fully capable of supplying swiftly. The problem is everything is in Iraq fighting for nothing which has lead to a true fight for survival in "the most powerful nation in the world" in the year 2005.

I'm especially concerned about all this race stuff being focused on so much. Not that it shouldn't get focus because it is believable, but I wish someone would say that they don't support violence. There's a lot of things being said in very harsh tones which is fine, but please say that people should not take any matters in their own hands in any way other than peaceful protest.