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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Get a Job. Be a Man.

And, that's exactly what I am doing. Today, I had another interview at a famous Chelsea Gallery. It went pretty well, considering how drenched I was.

It was so fucking hot and humid that it looked as if I swam the Hudson to get to the gallery. For instance, my hair was dripping wet down my forehead, and the place where the strap for my "Man bag" hung across my chest, retained an after image of sorts of that said strap - made of my wonderful sweat. But this kind of weather always does that to me. And, it doesn't stop until I've been indoors for at least a half hour, meaning I continued to drip sweat during the interview for a good portion of it.

But, the woman liked me. I think she thought I was sexy, because she kept blushing and laughing - and all of the things one does when they think someone is delicious. Not that I think I am delicious or anything. But as I said before, she liked me a lot. So, I was immediately given a chance at round two - a second interview.

Last week I had interviewed at another gallery for another art handling position. And after getting back from today's interview, I received a call from that other gallery. They, too, want a second chance to bask in the vinegary scent of my sweaty body. Nothing like it, I tell you.

Anyway, I will have a job again soon. Very soon. Both places want me. It's just up to me to pick the lesser of the two evils here. So, my days of sweating it out at the studio and my relaxing nights at home are soon to be over. I'll soon be back to my 8pm-2am painting schedule.

"GRRRRRRRRR!", says Gravity Boy.