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Sunday, October 30, 2005

Happy Halloween.

Here's a picture I was e-mailed, taken at the Halloween party I attended on Saturday night. That's me in the robe, with party-host Alex (guy to my right) and Michelle. (She's a pilot not a cop, for Christ's sake!) I'm not sure of the name of the Playboy bunny in the background, primarily because she was with a guy dressed as Hugh Heffner. (Actually right behind me. You can see the outline of his robe around my neck.) She was pretty adorable, though. Cotton tail and all. Damn you, Heff!

The party was fun, by the way. Some observations: I really detest karaoke. Apple shots can hurt. I miss smoking. Kendra needs to stop cleaning! Candy is dandy, but liquor is quicker. Kegs kind of suck. Bathrobes are surprisingly warm in the night air. White is bright. People have no problem ducking below police tape to go upstairs. Have fun in New Jersey Rob Curran. The successful application of a smoke machine is equal parts machine and location of said machine. Did I mention how much karaoke sucks?