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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Strike while the iron is hot

A lot has been going on in the political realm lately. I was excited to hear about "Scooter" Libby being indicted. Very, very nice. And that Karl Rove is still under investigation, is even more wonderful. Although, I'd love to see that fat fucker in chains. And this latest move by the Democrats to close congress to push for the continuation of an investigation into what led us to war in Iraq, just kept that ball rolling.

Democrats demanded that Intelligence Committee Chairman Pat Roberts move forward on a promised investigation into how Bush administration officials handled prewar intelligence about Iraq's suspected weapons programs.

You know the Prez and Dick were desperately hoping for the nomination of Alito, the death of Rosa Parks, and the bird flu to distract the media from all of the above. But those hopes were dashed when the Dems "stunt" made front page news on web sites like CNN and NY Times. Hell, it even made the local nightly news. Good job Dems. Strike while the iron is hot.

One republican is having a little luck(sort of) - Delay had the judge originally set to preside over his money laundering trial removed, and all because they were somehow able to show that the judge's politics might taint his ruling. The Judge apparently gave money to political organizations like MoveOn.org during the last prez election. But, it's unlikely that he'll get anything but a democratic judge in the district he's being tried, which is why he's now trying to have his trial moved to a more "fair" location.

DeLay's lawyers are also seeking to have the trial moved out of Austin, citing the media attention and noting that Austin, widely perceived as a liberal college town, is "one of the last enclaves of the Democratic Party in Texas."

Oh, and one more thing: I was dreadfully wrong on the Supreme court pick. I knew I'd be wrong but to this degree?! The guy is as white as they come. Oh well.

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