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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Air Marshals on land.

In an effort to thwart terror, the TSA(Transportation Security Administration) will be injecting our nation's transit systems with added security bliss - the Federal Air Marshal. Yes, you read that right - the Air Marshal.

Not only does this sound stupid to me, but I question the training these guys have in this kind of situation. They have been specifically trained for airport, and plane security. I question the knowledge of these individuals when it comes to an area of society where things are open and free. We all know there are a ton of legal restrictions in an airport and on a plane. We also know that these rules do not apply to the rest of the country's transit system. Meaning, could this lead to more glaring judgement errors, and just plain legal gaffes by these air marshals? Could this lead to more Alpizars?

Speaking of Alpizar, it appears things are a little clearer on the details. According to Yahoo news, More eye witness accounts have Alpizar fidgety well before getting onto the plane.

Some passengers said they noticed Alpizar while waiting to get on the plane. They said he was singing "Go Down Moses" as his wife tried to calm him. Others said they saw him having lunch and described him as restless and anxious, but not dangerous.

"The wife was telling him, 'Calm down. Let other people get on the plane. It will be all right,'" said Alan Tirpak, a passenger.

There was also no one who said they heard Alpizar use the "b-word". They say he simply said to his wife that he had to get off the plane, and ran up into the first class cabin, where air marshals chased the poor guy out onto the runway. No one heard him say he had a bomb.

"The first time I heard the word 'bomb' was when I was interviewed by the
FBI," McAlhany said. "They kept asking if I heard him say the B-word. And I said, 'What is the B-word?' And they were like, 'Bomb.' I said no. They said, 'Are you sure?' And I am."

So, beware this week and thereafter. For the Federal Air Marshal may be gunning for you.