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Friday, December 23, 2005

Service restored. Strike over.

Today, I made my first trip back into the city since the strike began. All seemed normal. All seemed somewhat forgotten. No angry bus drivers or subway conductors. And no angry riders that I could see. Things seemed in perfect harmony...a little more than usual, actually. Who knows how long that will last - the good sprits, I mean.

The union workers really have no idea what they went back to work for - benefits, etc? But, Toussant called for a vote of union leaders and it was done - the workers would return to work without a contract, and negotiations would resume. Whatever. I have given up on this whole thing.

So, putting it all behind me, I climbed up out of the darkness and onto 34th st...actually 33rd and went shopping for a particular item. Didn't find it, though. I did waste a lot of time looking, however. Never found the King Kong super sized rubber dildo I was looking for. Oh well. Maybe next year.