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Monday, December 19, 2005

The Thirty Hangover Complete

It has been a crazy two weeks! I have been to something like six different parties. Can that really be? Ok, five and half. But 5 1/2! It's enough to blow out a guy's liver. As a direct result of the party cavalcade, I spent the weekend in an exhausted stupor. Life is good, though. I have a 10 day stretch starting Saturday where I am on vacation, my first extended period of doing nothing in well over a year. Much needed.

I owe some of you phone calls. Sorry about that. I didn't mean to fall off the face of the Earth. It happens sometimes. On the plus side, I am listening to the Phish 12/31/95 New Year's Show that arrived in my mail one day early courtesy of a lovely birthday pre-order by Cracklin' Rosie. (You get a copy when you get here.) It sounds great, by the way. Phish in 1995 and in a great mix from a 40 track master. Fishman sounds like a steam roller! Phab.

My holiday shopping nearly complete, I need make only a few dozen more trips to the store for things I forgot. Mescalito, it's a 12 inch cockring, right? GB, you only smear Shmuckers brand jelly on yourself during the ritualistic naked "Jellython," correct? Domina, tube socks. I know. You sick bastard.

5 days to Christmas. Do you know where your wrapping paper is?