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Thursday, December 15, 2005

To strike or not to strike

Hi Ernie! He's real New York, alright.
Note: this picture was taken last night

We here in NYC are awaiting a possible strike, come midnight, by our wonderful transit workers. The union and the MTA are still very far apart on issues like pay raises and health. So, come midnight, and no deal is reached - which sounds incresingly likely - there will be no mass transit tomorrow at all for the big rotten apple. Need to get to work? Bike there...in the freezing rain! Yes, not only is it likely that there will be a strike tomorrow, but the weather ain't in the city's favor either. Either way, we'll get pissed on. Well, that is unless things turn around real quick. But, I just recently heard on the radio that the leader of the union claims the chance that a deal will be met is less than fifty-fifty.

The mayor claims that if this strike happens that it'll cost the city's economy 400 million a day.