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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Golden Boy

So what's with all this hype around King Kong? Is anyone going to see it in the theater? If so, please tell me if it's good and worth spending $20 on.

For this post, I was going to link back to the post I made a while ago linking to the trailer. I used our little search box on the sidebar and selected Yahoo as recommended by the tool. I searched for King Kong. I'm pretty sure I put those words in the post. Not as sure as I am about how old joe is, but pretty sure. Yahoo came up with nothing. Google nothing. Search engines suck ass. How hard is it? When I'm in Word and do a text find, it finds it everytime - no problem.

You're telling me they can't do a simple text search to find my query? Especially Google - it's their blog! I know there's all sorts of code around the text but come on. How hard could it be. Anyone know.

Bonus points if you report back on Kong and know why these search engines can't find stuff. Also, sorry if this rant is unncessary because I didn't use 'King Kong' in my original post. Still, even if I didn't the search engine should be smart enough to figure out what I mean and give me posts that are related. Enough.