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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Transit Strike in Progress

Well, they finally did it. The TWU has gone on strike. For me, this means little, but for those of us who have a job, it's a nightmare...or a day off.

In any case, as you can guess, there is endless speculation on how this will play in the public's eyes, and whether the union and it's members will be heavily fined and if union leaders will be arrested and jailed. Last week the Mayor pushed for fines up to $25,000 for each striking union worker and up to a million dollars worth of fines for the union itself. This morning on TV Ed Koch, former NY city mayor, suggested everything from heavy fines for workers to , I think he said, going after their homes...or something like that. He basically said for the city and state to show no mercy. Are you sure it's not Ed COCK?

But, I have heard that the fines for each worker would be less - like docking them two days pay for each day on strike. I do wonder how they would determine who to fine, when it comes to the workers. But, giving fines to transit workers seems to me a bit extreme. I agree with fining the union itself and arresting the leaders...sort of. I mean, I think the taylor law is bullshit, but it's still the law. And, since this is the case, it would make sense the leaders who broke the "law" would be jailed.

No one knows just how long, these few days before Christmas, the strike will last. Which sucks if you haven't done your christmas shopping by now, and you don't have a car. I guess you could always walk or ride a bike. Hell, Mike Bloomberg walked across the BKLYN Bridge this morning in only a leather jacket and jeans. This fucker must not be human. I think he's either a robot or a lizard man from the planet Mongo. Something like that, anyway.

Here's a link to the TWU blog.