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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Apple Unveils New Products

Hey everyone, it's time to take out that second home equity loan! Apple Computer today announced some new products, including the iPod Hi Fi (a stereo a lot like a boombox, but with an iPod dock built in) and a new Intel-based Mac Mini, which looks poised to sit next to the TV rather then at a desk in an office. Neither of these products were the big news, however. Nope, buried much further down in all the press materials from Apple's big announcement: Leather iPod cases.

Aren't they great? And only $99 each! Picture that. I have an iPod the size of the one shown here. You could use $3 worth of leather and cover the fucking thing. $99? Really? That's the cost of an iPod! (The shuffle).

I love Apple. If you own a $99 leather case for your iPod you are a tool.