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Thursday, March 09, 2006

GB missing no longer

Hey guys. I've been away from the blog for one simple reason this week: I was sick as a dog. Since Monday morning when I started work on a cold Pier 92 - working with my new family A4 on getting things unloaded and ready for the Armory show in NY - I began feeling slow and my body began to ache.

I soon realized that I was sick. I worked the next day but immediately knew I would need to take Wednesday off... and watch a whole lotta DUNE - original and extended version - again. So, I called in sick and lay in bed with only enough energy to take in the visions from that great director David Lynch.

Dune is truely a movie that grows on you. It's full of little details. And I mean that literally. For instance: I love that pug that seems to show up at the darnedest times. And, I especially love when Gurney, played by Patrick Stewart, rushes into battle shouting" Long live Duke Leto!" sporting pug in one arm and toting gun in the other. Oh, and just before that when the pug is given his own scene, running down a hallway past a newly dead soldier. Hillarious! What's with this pug? I've looked for some sort of backstory on this oddity - some little joke between Lynch and someone - but have found nothing. Joe, do you have any info on this? I am dying to know!!

So, to conclude, the royal pug and hours of movie watching and many more hours of sleep and rest have consumed me these past days. Let it be known that this was the reason for GB's brief disappearance from Dimensional shift.