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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Attorney General talks of sex with young children

"I have seen pictures of older men forcing naked young girls to have anal sex," Gonzales said. "There are videos on the Internet of very young daughters forced to have intercourse and oral sex with their fathers.

And I think he likes it.

He continues:

"There are images of graphic sexual and physical abuse of innocent children, even babies," he said.

Alright already, Gonzo!

In case you're wondering, the Attorney general hasn't taken a deep interest in looking at child porn. He was actually calling for passage of some sort of anti porn legislative package - trying to drum up support for it by telling us just how much child porn he's been looking at lately. Which brings me to another point: Why is the press, in this case CNN, focusing on telling us about what he said rather than what exactly the proposed legislation involves. They've simply devoted five lines at the end to bring up the fact that this is why he was bearing his soul to the world. What a bunch of media hacks! Fuck CNN!!!!