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Saturday, April 29, 2006

Get in the Van...we did.

Quick Post…

So LPG and I decided to go to New Orleans for JazzFest. Well, not really Jazz Fest, but The Umphrey’s show in NO for JazzFest. Gotta support the country, you know. Fuck putting yellow ribbons on your cars, get out and give money to those who need it…the bar owners.

Anyway, we recruited everyone’s favorite blogger and Jazzfest alum prentice. Those familiar with the blog will remember that we went to Jazzfest together last year as well.

We rented a car last night, and drove straight up. Took about 11 hours, got here about an hor or so ago. They let us check into the hotel. It’s weird the city is dead. No one at all out and about. And all the stuff that is demolished and shut down and abandoned…you can’t imagine.

Here are a few photos…one of me, one of LPG, one of Prentice. One of an abandoned strip mall with trash out front. There’s lots of that. Also one of the place where Umphrey’s Mcgee is playing tonight in New Orleans. It’s literally right outside my window. That’s it. Props to LPG for the hotel find. This is going to important since the news women just said they were expecting five inches of rain...

Gotta get food and sleep, more later.