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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Big shit fire in BKLYN

Yeah, so I woke up this morning to take Peewee for a walk, and as I got outside I looked up to find several helicopters in the sky hovering over one spot. I wondered to myself what it was that begged so much attention. I soon got a call from a friend making sure I was OK. I was like: "what...Why?" He then told me about the 10 alarm fire in greenpoint that he could see from the 59th street bridge. He thought it looked awfully close to where I might live.

Well, it was close, but not that close - it was probably about 10 short blocks away. but what really puzzled me was why didn't I see the smoke earlier if the goddamn fire was so big? I saw it upon leaving for work, though, and later while at work crossing over the manhattan bridge - it looked pretty fucking bad.

Edit 8:23pm - One interesting note is that my friend's Landlord is the one who owns that building that burned ever so brightly this morning. He said(my friend) that as he finished signing his lease with this bastard who has been giving him the run-around for months, the press busted in and started asking this crooked fuck a bunch of questions about the fire.

Anyway, I am OK and so is Peewee. He's probably licking himself right now thinking of you.