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Tuesday, December 19, 2006


Here's a lovely example of how The Drudge Report slants the news to fit the agenda of the owner, one Mr. Matt Drudge.

Obviously, the story this headline is linking is a positive one, right? I mean, prices JUMP, and that jump is THE MOST in 30 YEARS!!!! Holy shit. Look how happy Frosty is there. Christmas rules! The American economy can not be stopped!! Long Live W!

Sadly, if you actually click the link and read the story, it has nothing to do with Christmas. No, this story is about inflation, and how the rate of inflation jumped 2% in November. (Wall Street expected half-a-percent increase. Whoops.) 2% would be the largest monthly jump in the inflation numbers in 30 years. Does that sound ominous to anyone else?

Now get out there and spend America! Pay no attention to the gathering recession. I'm sure it will be minor and the FED will save us. And Bush too...