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Monday, March 19, 2007

A repost of "something for the blog" - get back to me on this

Hey guys - from the dwindling list of contributors to this here blog. I was fooling around with blogger the other day and discovered the wonders of this new feature called labeling. It's located down below the text box you write in when you post to the blog. It basically allows for grouping together of posts tagged with the same label. So, say you label your post "science". Any other posts that you or I label with that very same label "science" will be grouped together by that label, should someone click on the "label" link(which appears at the bottom of your post when you publish it) or a link, let's say, located on our sidebar below the list of contributors. So, I propose that we begin using this, as it would make it easier to locate and archive posts. Train heads, for example, could have it's own label. Which means, when clicking on the sidebar link that says "train heads" you would be taken away to a land of only train heads posts. No politics, video, science or even name that game. I would love to begin to label things by topics. So, let me know what you think. GB out.

** I had to repost this cause of issues with the blog. For some reason haloscan is not showing up for the previous post.**

Update: I just made a sample section called "Topics" below the recent rants section. I used my own posts as guinea pigs. I want to do this, so please let me know what other topics we should have or if you would like to change the current name of a topic in the test section. Just look at how easy it has made looking at name that game - all on one page!

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