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Monday, May 14, 2007

I've lived up to my end of the deal ...

This is a picture of Mescalito eating oatmeal in the guest bedroom (also called "number three" or "the back bedroom"). The ceiling has an interesting shape, possibly because the room was once a small porch. There is a closet that you don't see, and a washer and dryer, the washer of which will be used by us shortly as the one that came with the house broke earlier this evening.

Anyway, if you came and visited us, we would clean this room up real nice and you would sleep in the comfortable queen-sized bed on which Phil sits. The sheets are clean and the quilt is very soft. But you may want something more lightweight.

Anyway, send Mescalito your addresses, dang it! I need to get them ASAP. Don't hesitate to call and give them to him, if that's what you prefer. And send your first and last names, and the names of your significant others/dates, where applicable. Thanks.