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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Brooklyn Drivers

I don't know what it is, but it seems that there is always some frickin' moron driving the wrong way down a one way street in reverse( so I guess they cancel each other out?) in Brooklyn. Is everyone in Brooklyn who owns a car retarded? It's the only borough in which I have seen this behavior so often. I mean, it's no secret that New Yorkers in general adjust the rules while driving to fit their own style. But, every night as I am walking home I will see this happen at least 2 or 3 times. Let's say the driver lives at the end of the block, but as they enter the block they might see a space. Do they take it and settle for being on their block at least? No. That is not unusual. So, then they'll get to the end of the block, see that there are no available spots and realize that they should have taken the previous spot. Again, not unusual. What they will do now is back up at full speed from one end of the block to where they first saw that available spot. Never mind on coming cars going the right way down the street. Fuck em! They push their way through. Never mind someone pulling out of their parking space that might not notice them and end up plowing right into them. And never mind the person who doesn't look both ways because it's a one way street. God damn idiots!!! Maybe it's the water? We do, after all, have an oil spill underground floating on our water table :http://www.indypressny.org/article.php3?ArticleID=1446.
Ok I am done now. I fell better. Now let's talk about poo.