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Monday, December 06, 2004

Pandora's Box: Opened.

Exactly! I am glad everyone who has made it aboard the Dimensional Shift train has found their seats. I hope the other ticket holders are soon to make it to the station. I mean, where else can the fun loving poopmiester Gravity Boy co-mingle with the likes of LP Goddess and her workplace world? Nowhere but here people.

And a special mention to the Black Domina for the best porno name on the blog. Or is it a spider? I'm not sure, but I love it! Domina, please e-mail me with the details of how you got the lovely pilgrims to make their appearance. The special super duper grand jury prize can only be awarded after detailed instructions have been sent to the blog moderator. And thank you for succeeding technologically where I had failed. Plus, don't you owe me a phone call?

Also, I ran across this story about a couple who reported their QP stolen. Pretty funny.

I threw that in just to link something. I feel better now.