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Friday, December 17, 2004

New Contest (With Actual Prize!)

Something has changed on our lovely blog. The Dimensions Shifted ever so slightly over night. It is a minor change to be sure, but one hidden in plain view.

For today's contest, the first person who can correctly identify what was changed on the blog will win 24 hours of moderator access! That's right, people. You can play with all the settings. You can fuck with the template. You can do anything you want to our baby. I reserve the right to change things again when the 24 hours is over, but more likely I will leave it alone for a while and then run another contest and let someone else take charge for 24 hours.

One thing, due to time travel techniques developed elsewhere on this blog, you must respond by e-mail to my Gmail account for your answer to be counted. Posting an answer on the blog or in comments WILL NOT be considered an "official" answer. To make it extra hard, I will not link my e-mail from this post. You have to type it in yourself. Ha!

Worth playing for? Blogger's ready? Go!