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Sunday, December 26, 2004

The New Look

Well, it has taken a bit of work, but I think it is worth it. Advice to the next person: changing the settings of the template are a pain, to say the least. So, to really personalize the site, you'll need to learn a bit of html. Why? Because you'll have to wade through all of the code just to make basic changes. There is no "user friendly" interface for the novice. Well, there is, but it is severely limited. "How so?", you say. Well, the only real option left to one with NO KNOWLEDGE of HTML is to choose from one of the many so-so templates. I thought before getting this opportunity that it would be a simple drag and drop or point and click interface or something. Alas, I was dead wrong.

However, if you are truly interested in getting dirty - I mean, the shit isn't that hard - you'll need to go to the help page(really?) and look for "template tags" , and then "template walk through". Then, scroll down to:"what else can I do with CSS" and click on that link. This page will introduce you to some of the settings of CSS. But, you'll need to click on the link "The W3C Introduction to CSS." to get an over all understanding of how it works. So, this will give you a basic run down of what is what concerning the inner workings of the page. Now, once you've figured that out, you can go to:


The examples on this page will show you what you'll need to change in order to personalize effectively. Also, you'll need a site to host your images for the background or logo - if you do choose to do so. I don't know if Hello allows for this. I can't imagine why not, but who knows? I used my web site to host the images up now, so I don't know. So, that's kind of it. I could continue, but...

One more thing: please let me know of any weirdness that may happen as a result of my changes to this blog. I can only see what my browser allows me to - and every browser is different - even if everyone viewing the site all have IE. The settings could be different, etc. So, please alert me to anything out of the ordinary.