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Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm a Lurker

Sorry I don't post enough. I am usually tapped from days of trying to find witty things to say about Monster Truck rallies, antique sale events, RENT performances and whatever else rolls through town that is mildly interesting. (There's at least one thing a week that I actually like -- live music events, certain museum exhibits and some of the rather interesting and unique gallery openings that occur at least once a month. Although, we really only have 4-7 really, really good galleries, and they all go down hill from there.)

So, for the pleasure of the obsessive-compulsive posters (you know who you are), I am adding an entry of entirely original content, i.e., no links to websites, no photos, no jokes or quizzes or any other silly (albeit entertaining) type of diversion. Just pure, plain, no frills, LP Goddess, straight up. Or, rather, a few sentences about my somewhat boring day. And, a recount of one of my many bizarre (and nightly) dreams.

1. Last night's dream I don't remember much but as with most of my dreams, I was traveling, and staying in a hotel somewhere. And I was missing one of my feet, so that I walked on one foot (the right) and hobbled on the stump (the left). Because I didn't write about the dream immediately, I can't recall the rest. But, I just decided one second ago that I may very well continue posting some of the more bizarre and radical dreams immediately, for the enjoyment of my fellow bloggers. (Ask Joe about the one I had where I was chopping up bodies -- but I didn't murder them, I was only helping dispose of them.) And for those of you who disbelieve the vividness of my dreams, ask Phil. I wake up every morning and relate something to him, normally whatever was happening right before I woke up.

2. My day: Baked, trudged merrily into work with my "Happy Holidays" tee, hung around and finished up this week's work stuff, surfed the net, ate leftovers from yesterday's lunch (Cuban-style roasted pork and yellow rice), ran up to the Head shop and proceeded to get ripped off by $6, not truly realizing it until later when I came home and wrapped the gift I acquired (and NO, I did not buy any more glass, we have plenty enough as it is, thank you very much), gave burned Phish to my semi-boss/burgeoning friend/really great person, did more random work type stuff, dozed for about 20 minutes with my hoodie on so that no one could tell, Joe showed up and woke me up with his yakking, did more random work and then offered to help my semi-boss due to unnecessary guilt that I had so little to do and that she had so much (actually, I SHOULD have began writing my stuff for next week but why should I when I can do it a few hours before it's due and make my self entirely stressed in the process?), helped her a lot, grabbed a Woodpecker (cider) from our fridge (yes, the Planet's fridge is stocked with beers and cider and wine for monthly staff meetings and random Friday afternoons), came home. YAY!

Was that a long enough, and boring enough, post? You be the judge. (Sorry, I don't have a quiz, so you can't actually grade me but you can add your comments by clicking the "comment" link.)

Hope you all have a wonderful evening.