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Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Retraction of earlier post, "Ahh, Google, how I love thee ... "

You know, I actually prefer Alta Vista; it's actually the most convenient and allows you to do more specific searches (according to my former Internet research prof.) However, my computer belonged to someone else before me and Google is right on the top task bar and I know it's a ploy and I should remove it but it's way easy and wonderfully hassle free for a lazy person like me. Besides, I always go to Alta Vista at some point anyway, when I can't find what I want with Google, which happens more than 10 times a day. (I use the internet all day long, incessantly -- I don't know about even 1/2 of what I write about, so I have to research everything extensively-ish ... plus, I have to think up witty shit to add to the factual shit, which leads to searches for movie lines, back history, relatable news, what the fuck ever to keep the shit going for 125 - 250 words while still sounding halfway decent.) Do I sound like a writer? Probably not. But I'm way more polished when published and the blog is too fun to hold shit back. If anyone prefers that I use "poop" as opposed to "shit," please comment below. Thank you.

And I've decided that I'm definitely a writer, 'cause I've already edited this post about seven times.

Eight times.

Nine. Confirmed.