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Friday, January 14, 2005

It's Not Poo.

I have found another interesting link on the web, this time discussing the scandal of the Iraqi oil-for-food program, illegal oil smuggling and the U.S.

a joint investigation by the Financial Times and Il Sole 24 Ore, the Italian business daily, shows that the single largest and boldest smuggling operation in the oil-for-food programme was conducted with the knowledge of the US government.

It appears, after all, that the United States had full knowledge of the illegal goings on - of the oil smuggling. And, did nothing to stop it. This happened all the way up until we invaded in 2003. And here we thought our Pres. And our moral minded government had been caught by surprise, too. Who would've thought? Not ME!!!

In February 2003, when US media first published reports of this smuggling effort, then attributed exclusively to the Iraqis, the US mission to the UN condemned it as “immoral”.
However, FT/Il Sole have evidence that US and UK missions to the UN were informed of the smuggling while it was happening and that they reported it to their respective governments, to no avail.

It's not poo...or is it?