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Thursday, January 06, 2005

Bush's Victory Intact

An update on the presidential certification can be found here.

Well, George is still "President of Everybody"(yes, this is a quote from our adorable prez). But, there were a few Democrats who dared challenge the results. So, I guess there are some that aren't completely gutless.

Also, I contacted the office of "Our lady" Hillary Clinton, but I don't think it made a difference. I don't think she was one of those who stood up against the tyranny and evil that is the Bush Administration. Then again, I guess I expected that from her. She's just like the other gutless bunch. Sorry Hillary, but it's true. You suck. And John Kerry was certainly not the one to start a fuss. He's a fucking yellow bellied bastard! I didn't want him for President anyway. I thought he sucked monkey dick. Fuck the democrats!