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Friday, February 18, 2005

Woo hoo!

Many of you do not know, but I hate Blockbuster Video (and they will get no link from me). I think they are one of the worst companies out there. I don't think I have ever walked in there and been happy. When we used to live in NY, our local Blockbuster didn't even have air conditioning for about 3 years. It was probably longer since I moved there in 1998 and they had been open much longer than that. In addition, I will never forget that they used to only have pan and scan DVD's. Every once and a while you'd find a widescreen, but pretty much never. It's only been over the past couple of years that they have woken up. There's more, much, much more, but you get my point. So, I was quite happy tonight to learn that they are being sued by my new home state, New Jersey.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Blockbuster Inc., the largest U.S. video renter, has deceived customers with its new "No More Late Fees" rental policy, New Jersey Attorney General Peter Harvey said on Friday in announcing a lawsuit filed against the company.
I could not be happier with my Netflix service and would recommend it to anyone. I cannot wait until Blockbuster is hopefully one day out of business.