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Friday, March 25, 2005

Gotta Love It!

Visit terrischiavo.com and you will find it's one big ad (actually, two)! The items being marketed are...

1. A Living Will for $6.95 (quite a bargain these days)
2. The site itself. There is a link to an auction on eBay where the seller claims the money will go to benefit the Schiavo family. What does that mean actually, anyway? Is that the parents - their last name is not Schiavo. The husband? Terri? It's all so confusing!
This auction is for the domain name TERRISCHIAVO.COM

The site averages 40-60 THOUSAND UNIQUE VISITS DAILY
Use the domain for a site about Terri, a Memorial Site or use it as a business to sell Living Wills.
This is YOUR chance to be a part of history!