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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Meet the Zyrtec's

On Monday morning, I had an appointment with an allergist. I suffer from a variety of allergies, but the main culprit of many of my sneezes is definitely our cat. This was my first visit to this allergist and at first I had trouble finding the building they were in. Looking for it quickly turned into a tour of history as on the same block as the allergists office is the Pennsylvania Hospital. I thought the allergist might be in the same building so I ventured inside and quickly discovered I was in the nations first hospital. Pretty cool.

The allergist ended up not being in the building, but instead across the street in a really old (but nice) house which had been converted into doctors offices. So, I finally found it and went in. They performed a scratch/skin prick test which involves putting about 20 or 30 droplets containing small amounts of different allergens onto my back and arm and pricking the skin. How much of a reaction you have tells them how allergic you are to whichever allergens you react to.

Ends up I am allergic to cats along with a bunch of other things like dust mites, ragweed, etc. The doctor suggested I try taking Zyrtec-D (I'm sure because she's getting some kind of kick back). They gave me a bunch of samples from which I am about to take the first one in a few minutes. Yesterday though, I ventured onto their website to see how it compared to what I am currently taking - Alavert-D. What interesting people you meet on the Zyrtec site. By either visiting the site on multiple occasions or by simply clicking refresh over and over on their main page you too can meet all of these happy, animal and plant loving, supposedly allergy free people.

Allergy free around dogs but not around kids?

Got to keep it ethnically balanced...

Hands down, the best of all and the reason I decided to see who else lived on the site. What makes it better is that the name of the image on Zyrtec's server (you know, the name that pops up when you right click and 'save image as') is dogman.jpg.