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Thursday, March 03, 2005

Roms and Emus

What is a rom? A rom is, simply put, the game. Think of it as the spirit of a cartridge for the Snes or genesis(to get roms, goto the link romnation on our home page here at Dimensional shift).

OK. So, now what do you do? Well, you can't play a cartridge without a system, so neither can you play a rom with out an Emu or emulator. An emu is just as simply put as the console's spirit. There are tons of free emu's( romnation
vg freak ) on the internet and some you have to pay for. Most are free, though. And most are started by hack heads who just really like to figure things out.

There are web sites devoted to emus and rom hacks and original roms. What in the hell is a rom hack? It's when someone takes a game like super mario and breaksinto the code and changes graphics or functions or even level layout. There is one site I know of that is devoted to Mario hacks. Most are really bad and only have superficial changes. But occasionally there are some good hacks.

Now, the original game thing is pretty cool. Some people write their own games to be played on the ps2, for example. How? Well, it's kind of a long process, but, they post the files, you download them and then convert them to a Nero file or discjuggler file and then burn it to a CD. You need to download other programs sometimes like a boot program to make the ps2 boot. There is alot going on. Anyway. I hope this answers Domina's burning questions. Enjoy.