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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Car Vents

Fuck the Automobile. There I said it. I like the ease of travel, I hate the vehicle. The reasons are numerous, and range from my lack of understanding of them, to the ease of death involved with the use of them. The thing I hate most though, is the fact that the cars have joined together in the hopes of ruining my life. Yes, the cars are against me.

My car has broken down, overheated, or just plain failed to work at least 15 times in the last six months. And the amazing thing is, in that six months, I have had three different cars that have turned against me. I am not including the problems I have had with lpgs car, but those are numerous, and have resulted in it not running for the last few months.

Now, my 1997 Toyota Camry that used to belong to Cracklin Rosie, has decided to taunt me. It overheats randomly, the battery exploded last week, and did I mention it overheats randomly. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. It saddens me. Makes me feel powerless. And the fact that I broke LPGs car, and had it overheat on me, and still haven’t gotten it running either, is not making me happy. We have one car between us, and when it’s not working, the stress is high.