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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Sometimes, I wish the south had succeeded.

What does it really mean to teach Intelligent Design in public schools? Practically, I mean. I'm pretty sure the goal of this whole thing is to eventually have bible class in schools and probably even more, but at the outset what is the lesson? You've got a theory that says that a higher being played a part in creating the universe. Unfortunately, for many, it is not a theory - they actually believe it. But when it comes to teaching something like that in school, what do you teach. After making that statement, then what? Is that where the bible comes in?

If not, I don't see what the big deal is. Doesn't it show that unless the plan is to simply state that, then the motive here is to begin having bible class in schools. Otherwise, there's nothing else to teach. There's no proof behind it all, so what else would be taught except bibles.

Which kind of leads me to my next point. In a way I hope they start teaching this crap in school. A big part of me is scared as to what it will lead to, but another part of me thinks that in a relatively short time (10-25 years perhaps) it might really make people think. It seems like a great opportunity to compare Evolution vs. Theology.

On one side, you've got practically overwhelming, albeit not always perfect or explainable, but usually tangible proof. On the other side, you have a few books with much much much less tangible proof. It's possible that people might actually start to think. Why they don't think now I don't know.

Personally, for a while I've thought that scientists make terrible advertisers. What I mean is that the way science is communicated to us is terrible. It's not something billions of people spend a whole lot of time looking at in detail. I think that is partially the fault of the scientific community and the ways in which they convey or do not convey the information they discover. Back to my other point.

In conclusion, pairing Evolution against Theology in an everyday setting where the two can be compared and contrasted against one and other might not turn out to be a bad thing afterall. Probably would be a bad thing...but it might not.