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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The Constant Gardener

Back from the dead, if only for a moment. I have been quite busy with work and such. I wrote this week's Arts Feature for the Weekly Planet (Ms. LP Goddess wrote the Music Feature this week, but never posts self-congratulatory messages like I do). I would have posted a link before now, but the website is fucked up. Not our fault this time. Apparently, the people who host the site have had server problems for the past few days. For now, when you click on my story, you get a "Service Unavailable" message. Well, doesn't that just chafe my ass? If the damn thing ever starts working again, please check the stories out and let us (Me and LP) know what you think. Hell, you can even post a comment on the Planet's website. If you actually get there, that is…

Man, this guy's got a green fuckin' thumb!

—The Elusive One