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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

In Memory of Buckwheat-- 1991-2005

What can I say, the dog bit everyone. He ate just as good as anyone at the Bardi house (and those who have eaten there can attest to the wonder of the food contained within), and he spent his days hunting and killing lizards. Was there more to Buckwheat than that though? Yes it’s true, Bucky was one of the few dogs to actively pursue “Aggressive Pacifism”. At even the slightest sign of violence, Bucky would swing into action and attempt to bite the aggressor. Yes, Buckwheat hated to witness violence. He tore into more than one person though. Once he took out a chunk of my lip. I remember seeing a disfigured crackling Rosey due to the handy work of our own little buckwheat. I know he bit Gravity Boy once, and I’m sure he nicked at Domina at least once or twice. The list of the lucky goes on and on. Let’s just say for everyone he bit, he loved. The dog was a good one. He barked when people approached, and he gave you his paw when he wanted a treat, and he did all those wondrous dog things that make us smile. And now, he is somewhere or nowhere, or somewhere in between. The old man was put down at 6:30pm tonight after a short bout with cancer. To Buckwheat the dog, may he rest in peace.
from the private archives of pidibi