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Monday, August 01, 2005

It was all like a dream.

Back in Tampa…one day late.

Home again. Home again. After a week in Cancun, LPG, Cracklin’ Rosie, and myself are all back on American soil. It took us a day longer than it should have as we were supposed to meet a connection in Atlanta, but had some problems leaving Cancun. Ever wonder where they get the heat to de-ice the wings? Apparently, directly from the engine. This makes sense to me now, but I hadn’t thought of it before. Anyway, the valve that allows the heat to get to the tube -- which flows to the wing -- was stuck in the open position.
This resulted in a delay long enough to cause us to miss our connection in Atlanta. After a lot of waiting around, we were put up in a fancy Crown Plaza hotel overnight, complete with a goodie bag of ear plugs, lavender spray for the silky, soft sheets, and an eye mask. (They also left a CD of soothing music to be put into the cd player alarm clock.) Today, we had to catch a shuttle to the airport at 5:15am, and got back to our lovely little apartment around 10 a.m.

Cancun was wonderful. The relaxation came to us in abundance. We did a lot of relaxing. We relaxed in the room, we relaxed in the pool, we relaxed in the Jacuzzi that was located in our room. We relaxed in the restaurants (buffet to casual to fancy schmancy), we relaxed in the spa. We really relaxed in the spa. Each of us took a 50-minute massage. (Both mine and LPG’s first.) It was nice, not as life altering as I had been lead to believe, but nice. I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to be naked or not, but figured I’d go naked, and hope for the best. I was a little surprised when she asked me to roll over, but was glad to see her holding up a large sheet. I was surprised that she massaged my ass. No, she did not massage my wanker. Any questions? No, good.

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