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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Donkey Kong, anyone?

I truly find it amazing what is avaiable online these days, and this is no exception. I am talking about the ability to play classic arcade games - embedded in a web page - through your browser. I always thought something like this would be so slow, and that it wouldn't be worth the trouble. But, no. It's just like... well sorta like playing MAME on your pc. Anyway, it's worth checking out and bookmarking, so here it is: 1980-games.com

Edit @ 11:25 / nov 30th:

I've also found this other site that has a wider range of classic games, but with more of a focus on consoles. It's called game-oldies.com. The page in the link will take you to the most popular games page. I like that Alex Kidd is listed. My favorite SMS game.