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Sunday, November 20, 2005

The final chapter

It was fun while it lasted. Joe, our friend from the land of oranges and crocodiles, is scheduled to head back to his distant home today. No more midnight craziness, followed by drunken laughter and screams, and then a Tarantino movie. Back to our mundane existence we shall return. :-(

I know you're thinking, "That's sad and all, but how did you like body works?" Well, we ended up a victim to fate again- realizing too late that they closed early for some unknown reason yesterday...Plus it was just so hard to get the fuck out of bed and get moving. But, let's put that behind us.

What we did in place of body works far surpassed it in any possible way(well maybe not but I had a fuckin' good time). Who knew that Domina was also a licensed tour guide? For, he weaved his historical yarn so effortlessly. Around Independence mall we walked, right off of which lies the great Ben Franklin's grave - which to our surprise people were throwing pennies onto. We couldn't figure out the significance of throwing a penny on his grave stone, but figured it must be the cool thing to do. So, being such the counter culture guys that we are, we decided to buck that trend. Instead we pissed on his grave(not really).

Next, we saw independence hall, the liberty bell, and that place where National Treasure was filmed - you know, the part where Nicholas Cage finds those fucking weird 3-D glasses. Joe then took a picture of a tree, a gate and another tree. The last stop on the mall was the underground Franklin Museum. I'll let joe explain this part of the journey. We then hit a Philly cheese steak place called Sonny's.

We ended up going out later where I would proceed to make everyone feel uncomfortable, play with Domina's nipples, and curse God(sorry God, I was drunk). Good times.

We will miss you Joe.