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Tuesday, December 20, 2005

A day of craziness

Here is a pic of the traffic to get onto 495 in LIC. This is never like this. NEVER. The last time I remember anthing approaching this, was when there was a fire on the Queensborough bridge many months ago.

Don't go down there, it's CLOSED. I've actually never seen one of these signs posted at the entrance of a closed station or entrance. Usually, there is just a neon pink ribbon strung across the entrance. It does make for a good photo, though.

And here is the traffic from a different angle. More maddness!!!! These people aren't going anywhere anytime soon. To top it all off, that big blue box truck in the pic hit a car at the intersection. He was trying to weave his way through to nowhere. I really don't know where he thought he was going. In any case, the accident he caused made things even worse.

And all of this because of the transit strike. The convenience store next to my studio was doing visibly less business today. I think I was the second or third customer of the day. Usually, they are packed. No pictures of that, though. But this store does most of it's business off of bus and subway riders. He's right at the base of an entrance to the 7 train.

In the area where I live(greenpoint, brooklyn) things were relatively normal. As I walked down Manhattan Ave(which is not in Manhattan but in Brooklyn - for those who are easily confused) I saw the normal stream of people going to and from the stores, etc.

Anyway, let's hope this is all resolved soon. However, I hear that the TWU is arguing that the MTA did not bargain in good faith, which if proven true would be in the TWU's favor - the fines would be lifted, etc. But this process could take days. So, we might be looking at a strike that lasts well on through Christmas.