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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

ipod fixed...I think.

Well, last night I installed a new hard drive into my old ipod hardware. It was, to say the least, a bit fustrating. How? You'd be right in asking how, being as it's just popping in a hard drive and closing it up, right? Not in my case.

As I think I have said before in my previous post, I first tried to connect to my ipod via my PC without deinstalling iTunes. Big mistake, for I think it caused all of the fucking trouble that happened afterwards. Then, the ipod began displaying those wonderful images I so fondly remember when my ipod first broke - the sad ipod icon. Which, for all of you that do not know, is a really really bad sign. Fortunately, it seems to have meant nothing at all. It no longer displays that icon and infact, I have formatted the new drive and everything looks like it's going swimmingly. But, that icon did give me a scare. So, what I did then was to decide the new drive couldn't be bad or that it was highly unlikely. So, I thought that it might be iTunes. Deinstalling iTunes did the trick...Sort of.

Once it was deinstalled, I ran the ipod installation program CD, which formats the disk and installs itunes. It recognized the ipod, told me I needed to format the drive. I clicked the "format" button. It continued to format for several hours. I thought something was wrong, so I canceled the formatting. Then tried again. Some more weird shit happened, and then things seemed to go smoothly again. Finally, it said my hardrive was formatted and it installed itunes. I then updated the ipod with music, and disconnected it. But then the ipod displayed the folder icon, which isn't so bad. So, I ran the ipod updater and reformatted the hard drive and all seems to be fine, now. My ipod is currently updating itself with millions of hours of music.

So, in conclusion, iTunes is evil. Deinstall first before attempting installation of your new ipod hard drive. It'll make things easier. Also, I'll post images later tonight or tomorrow from the installation for all of you curious types.