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Friday, June 02, 2006

Old School Sunday vs. New School Friday

Ladies and Gentlemen!...Standing in the red corner, hailing from Mai Lay Viet Nam and weighing in at a whopping rice diet weight of 50 to 85lbs (a piece), the "Massacre of 1968".

Bodies of women and children lay in the road leading from the village of My Lai, South Vietnam following the massacre of civilians by members of the U. S . Army, in this March 1968 file photo.


Stand...ing....err....And in the blue corner hailing from San Salvador, El Salvador, weighing in 62 and one half pounds, the "Massacre of 2006"

Judicial authorities carry the body of a child who was killed by unidentified gunmen, Friday June 2, 2006, San Salvador, El Salvador. Police said three children were assassinated and two women critically injured by gunmen while setting up a food stand in the streets.