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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fire in the hole!

Last night as LPG and I were watching TV, we heard a loud explosion.

A few moments later we heard more loud explosions. I immediately called everyone’s favorite CRIME BLOTTER reporter “Joe” to see if he had the scoop. Turns out he did not. LPG and I went back to watching TV. A few minutes later “Joe” called back with news! The captain had called him* and told him that a Tanker had exploded right by our house. Not only that, but the tanker spilled a bunch of fuel down onto the ground, and now other stuff was on fire, and… manhole covers are blowing off, because some fuel spilled into the sewers.


I took out the old trusty camera and went to the corner.

I could not really get any great pics L

Here is the story.

*Joe does not actually know the Captain, or even “A” Captain. He actually heard the story on the news, which came right after LOST. Since we have the DVR, and since we paused to figure out wtf was exploding, we were a few minutes behind.

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