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Monday, March 19, 2007

Out sick= work on blog...and a lot of rest

Well, I've done a few things around the blog today. Mostly, I've erected a new section called "topics". You can locate it under the "recent rants" section. It will basically allow for someone to click on a label and see all of the stuff that's been posted under "politics" or stuff posted by "Mr. Mescalito". However, in order for that to work, we all need to start labeling our posts.

You may have noticed the "labels for this post" box below the text box you write in when creating a new post. Basically, what we all need to do to make the new section actually work, is to use this box. And the things we type into that box, need to match the text in the "topics" section word for word. Like: "posts by Black Domina" must be typed exactly the same - including making sure lower case and upper case letters match. Also, each post should have multiple labels like: "posts by Joe, video, tabliod junk"(a label that might need to be added). Basically, each post should have at least who it's posted by and what topic it falls under listed in the "labels for this post" box. I've done that already for a number of my recent and past posts - past posts include name that game. So, when you click on most of the links, they'll take you to posts of mine which I've labeled accordingly. The only links that aren't yet linked to anything are the ones like: posts by LP Gddess. You can click on them but the page will be blank.

I kind of feel like a nazi asking you all to do this shit. But, I just really think it would make the blog a better place. And, it's a pretty cool new feature.

Also, let me know if any of you would like to change the label names that are up right now. And, I'm sure there are topics I've not thought of.

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