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Monday, March 19, 2007

Name That Game

"Three months after the events in the original [game], which culminated in West Mansion being set ablaze and the fate of Rick's girlfriend, Jennifer (who had been abducted and held captive by the demonic forces of the mansion) being left up in the air, Rick is beckoned by the "Terror Mask" to once again trek back to West Mansion (or at least the ashes of what it once was) in an effort to find Jennifer and rescue her from the clutches of the evil that resides there. While at the site of the mansion fire, Rick is knocked unconscious and soon after reawakens with the mask attached to his face ready to begin the search for his love. Once there, Rick finds the journal of Dr. Mueller, the next tenant of the West Mansion. There, his journal states he left many things intentionally to fight off the monsters as well as enter the Void"

This game was noted mostly for it's "gore". I never felt it was ever gory enough, which is why I returned it shortly after buying it and playing it on my Genesis. I've played it again recently on my pc and it's actually a fine game with some shitty graphics.

The game that spawned this sequel was originally an arcade game by Namco in 1988. a port of the arcade game was then made for various systems, most notably the Turbografx-16. The genesis version was released in 1992 by Namco. What game or series is this? Name that game!

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